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On an island where life constantly offers reasons to smile, it’s important that your teeth are in picture-perfect condition. Hawaiians seeking trustworthy dentistry in Oahu will find affordable service at Pearl Family Dental Care. From the standard exams, cleanings, and fillings of general dentistry, to cosmetic enhancements such as teeth whitening, bridges, caps, and veneers, Pearl Family Dental Care takes pride in providing excellent and compassionate treatments at a reasonable price.

Although all families are welcome, Pearl Family Dental Care is the preferred provider for Hawaii’s military and Kama’aina families, accepting all Military insurances, HMSA, HDS, and Quest plans without question. Pearl Family Dental Care is proud to give back to those who defend our country.

Pearl Family Dental Care also operates as an emergency dental practice, allowing same day appointments for individuals who need care immediately. Convenient business hours from Monday through Saturday make it easy for families to schedule dentistry care around work and school. Easy payment plans are available as well, to help locals receive the dental care they need and deserve.

The expert dental care staff of Pearl Family Dental Care loves to see you smile! For more information about business hours and payment options, simply visit the website or call Pearl Family Dental Care at (808) 672-2628

Announcements & Events from Pearl Family Dental Care
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