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The paragon of organization, efficiency, and high standards, Metalico Rochester in Rochester, New York, is here to offer you its wide selection of scrap metal recycling service options. They offer scrap metal pick up services or you can bring in your miscellaneous unwanted metal items, such as metal doors, aluminum siding, shelving, ladders, vehicles, appliances and/or any other scrap metal. Stay current with metal market trends, by simply signing up for their text and e-mail alerts on Metalico Rochester’s website.

In addition to their metal recycling services, Metalico Rochester/Bergen location has all of the car parts you will ever need! Searching for a specific car part is rarely an enjoyable process. It can mean scuttling back and forth between auto garages, mechanics and scrap yards. Metalico makes the entirety of the process as convenient as possible. When you go to their website, there is an online form to enter in the part you need, and you will know right away whether they have it or not. There’s no wasting your time on just the possibility of finding what you need.

If you need junk metal removal, you will get the fairest price possible. As a publicly traded company, Metalico is held to a higher standard. There is no bait and switch with pricing.

The recycling of metals saves natural resources, energy, and consumption of scarce landfill space. Metalico scrap locations offer easy access, quick payment and fair prices to peddlers and local residents--this encourages additional recycling of metal scrap which typically end up in landfills. All incoming metal passes through a radiation detection system. 

Metalico was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner! If you want to work with a visionary and leader in its field, visit their website, or call (585) 436-0713. 

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