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Dixieland Metals of Alabama, LLC is a leader in the metal industry, providing metal panels for a variety of roofing and siding projects. Located in Dothan, AL, Dixieland serves contractors and the general public in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi, and they will ship to anywhere in the United States for commercial and residential projects. They will make metal panels to your specifications for your project. 

With several styles and a variety of colors to choose from, Dixieland Metals of Alabama has the metal roofing materials to fit your needs. Metal roofs are durable under adverse weather conditions and can last 50-60 years, which benefits the environment by cutting down on waste. In fact, at least 25% of a metal roof usually consists of recycled content!

Dixieland Metals of Alabama also provides pole barn kits (starting price of $799), which can be used for general outdoor use or even as a base for your home construction. Pole barns can also be used for picnic shelters, event spaces, garages and storage sheds. Dixieland Metals of Alabama uses only quality materials in their pole barn constructions, and they will cut the poles to your requested length. 

Are you ready to install a metal roof or have a need for a pole barn? Call Dixieland Metals of Alabama, LLC at (334) 678-0038 to speak to a professional, or visit them online for more information on their metal panels and pole barns.

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