Russellville, Arkansas

Western Sizzlin Restaurant

Western Sizzlin Restaurant

1105 E Main St.
Russellville, AR 72801
(479) 968-1757
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When you’re headed out to eat, you want to go somewhere that’s dedicated not just to great food but to a great dining experience as well. You want a large menu in case you don’t know just what you’re in the mood for, and you want a restaurant that is the best at what they do. In Russellville, AR, that restaurant is Western Sizzlin, a steakhouse with a special flavor that’s singular to their incredible steaks.

Steak can be a tricky food to perfect, but not for Western Sizzlin, who’s been making steak look easy for years. Serving only the finest steaks, they pack flavor into each steak with expert preparation with their very own special Gold Dust seasoning and a unique grilling method discovered by their founder more than 50 years ago. Their Gold Dust seasoning has helped earn them the reputation as the most succulent steakhouse in Pope County. This restaurant approaches steak-grilling like it’s an art form, and they’re determined to deliver every customer an eating experience that will make it impossible for them to look at steak the same way ever again.

While they can’t recommend it highly enough, Western Sizzlin understands that steak isn’t always what you’re hungry for. To accommodate other cravings, their menu is stacked with top-quality chicken, pork, and seafood entrees that are sure to please your palate. They also offer a full line of hot and cold food buffets that are perfect for lunch, when you’re in a hurry, or you’re missing that home-cooked flavor.

When you want a family-friendly dining out experience that will leave your taste buds and your wallet satisfied, stop by the delicious steakhouse at Western Sizzlin today for lunch or dinner. You can reach them at (479) 968-1757 or you can visit their website for more information about their menu.

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