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Introducing BungoBox, a revolutionary way to pack and move that renders cardboard boxes obsolete. Why buy boxes for one day of moving? With BungoBox plastic moving boxes, you only rent them for as long as you need them, and they’re picked up and delivered from wherever you are. They’re also stronger than cardboard, and better for the environment. BungoBox is proud to serve the Hawaii community with convenient moving services to simplify your life!

Here’s how the process works: 

First, BungoBox delivers your order right to your front door. Then you pack your belongings into the sturdy boxes and move as usual. When you arrive at your destination, you can relax and unpack—then give BungoBox a call. They’ll be there to take the boxes out of your way.

While cardboard is flimsy, inefficient and wasteful, BungoBox's boxes are sturdy, stackable and reusable. You can trust plastic moving boxes to protect your valuables while you move, and there’s no need for packing tape because they simply snap closed.

Choose BungoBox when you want a solution that’s good for the environment and your wallet too. With BungoBox moving services, customers save an average of 50% of what they would have spent on traditional cardboard moving boxes. They offer a wide variety of pricing plans to suit your unique needs, and they even provide free delivery and pick-up on orders of more than $75.

With BungoBox plastic moving boxes, you can save yourself time and money while you also save the planet. To learn more about their affordable pickup and delivery moving services throughout Maui, call (808) 478-6485 or visit their website.

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