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When our busy lives get in the way of preparing a home cooked meal, we want to be able to conveniently pick up something that will please all members of the family while still remaining fresh and savory. The mobile food truck, Chloe's Eatery, in Burlington, KY, satisfies all cravings while supporting the community by using local ingredients. 

If you live in the greater Cincinnati area and need a place to quickly stop and pick up delicious food, Chloe’s Eatery is the place to go. This food truck has a variety of sandwiches that will please your taste buds regardless of if you like beef or fruit. Some of their items include a shredded beef sandwich with roasted red pepper chimichurri, a chicken salad sourdough sandwich, and a roasted corn and vegetable salad. Most of their sandwiches come with homemade chips topped with your choice of either honey garlic or Himalayan sea salt.

Although they have their own menu, this food truck is thrilled to provide catering for your specific event. Building a custom menu is their specialty, and they will work with you to provide choices that coincide with any occasion. In the past, they have catered weddings, sports events, celebrations of life, and family reunions. If you are planning an office party, they are a great option and will work diligently to provide food items that will please all attendees.

Bring the restaurant to your location with the catering services offered by Chloe’s Eatery. Fast, convenient, and appetizing food is only a call away. Contact them at (859) 305-1522 to learn more about their menu or their custom catering services.

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