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Kids don’t hate math—but they do hate feeling confused and left behind. If your child needs math help, call Mathnasium of Avon, where the best math tutors make math make sense.

Mathnasium of Avon operates on the belief that any student can be successful at math with the right tools and support. The Mathnasium Method™ was developed 35 years ago by an educator who saw the chasm between successful and unsuccessful math programs. He identified the breakdown between students’ expected math foundation and actual skills, leading struggling students to fall further and further behind.

Instead of relying on rote memorization, the Mathnasium Method™ engages students with a varied curriculum of visual, mental, verbal and tactile exercises that are stimulating and fun, while helping students develop Number Sense, the crucial foundation that supports all further progress. In this positive environment, students replace math anxiety with enthusiasm and excitement.

Each individualized program begins with a comprehensive assessment to learn your child’s current strengths and challenges. Next, your child will move into a customized learning program, where highly trained instructors deliver individualized instruction in a group setting. They’ll also receive math help on their homework to ensure their current schoolwork is being supported.

The results from Mathnasium instruction speak for themselves. After six months or longer in the program, 82% of parents report that their children’s attitude towards math has improved, 85% report improved math skills, and 88% report better math grades.

Call Mathnasium of Avon today to start your child on a journey to success with specialized instruction and empowering education from the best math tutors. To learn more and receive your free trial, call (860) 785-6284 or visit their website.

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