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Reverse glass painting was first invented in the 18th century where it became popular in churches throughout Central Europe. At Saach Art in Belleville, IL, this reverse glass technique is used by artist Sharon Aach to create custom pieces for commercial spaces and business owners.

Sharon is a modern mixed media artist that has a passion for the art deco style mixed with geometric lines to create detail that is vibrant and exciting for customers. Being an artist her whole life, she has extensive experience with a variety of mediums including sculpting, sewing, beading and cooking, but found painting to be her main inspiration.

Her custom pieces are mixed with a wide array of colors including vibrant yellows, reds, blues and greens. Perfect for pediatric, dental and office suites, her pieces can add personality and spirit to any room or space they occupy. From wall collages and round table tops to large wall paintings, she is dedicated to providing truly unique pieces that will add character and individuality. 

Each piece crafted is made to order specifically for your need. Her commitment to excellence ensures you are getting a beautiful piece that is crafted with the highest quality paints. She will also work with you on the desired color and size to give you a truly custom piece that fits perfectly in your commercial space.

To purchase fantastic artwork for your business, contact the professional artist at Saach Art. Call today at (618) 830-8542 to learn about the different pieces or visit her website for more information.

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