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When unwanted pests invade, having an exterminator that will quickly eradicate the intruders is key to restoring the calm in your home. Joy Exterminators in Newport, OH, works hard to efficiently remove insects in homes through prompt and professional pest control services. With more than 50 years of service, their team has the expertise to solve your pest problem.

This locally owned and operated company employs a well-trained staff of exterminators that will locate and destroy a variety of insects that threaten your home. They utilize the latest technology in the field to pinpoint the specific spot where the pests have entered your home and secure the area. They understand that insects evolve over time and find new ways to infiltrate your house which is why their team undergoes continuing education to better treat residential properties.

Whether you’re facing bed bugs or termites, their certified pest management technicians are skilled in tackling an array of pest problems. They will conduct rodent removal, as well as:

  • Bee removal
  • Spider control
  • Ladybug control
  • Cockroach control

Joy Exterminators has built a strong reputation in the local community for their commitment to providing excellent customer service. They will work with you to design a treatment plan that handles your pest issues and meets your budget needs. Don’t hesitate to ask their staff any questions or concerns you may have regarding their treatment process.

When unwelcome visitors come to your home, get the professionals at Joy Exterminators to tackle the situation fast. Call them today at (740) 473-2739 to schedule an estimate or visit them online.

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