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Finding the right senior care facility for your loved one is a challenging experience where many details must be considered. When you need help selecting the right assisted living facility for your loved one's specific situation, turn to CarePatrol of New York in White Plains, NY. With their experience in the industry, they guide you through the assisted living placement process and help with any questions or concerns. 

The advisors have years of experience in the business and understand how stressful the process can be when searching for an assisted living facility. From finding the right treatment plan to picking a place that is local so family members can visit often, they are dedicated to providing choices that ease the stressors and give you confidence your loved one will be safe, secure and happy during their transition.

Each advisor on staff is certified and well-versed in all senior living options from traditional nursing homes to in-home care. They analyze the current situation and find which assisted living facility matches best with your budget and location. They also handle the scheduling of tours of the facilities that are of interest. They will even accompany you during the tour as part of their assisted living placement services.

When you are unsure of where to turn regarding your loved one’s care, let the professionals at CarePatrol New York guide you through and provide quality assisted living placement services. Call today at (914) 357-8084 to schedule a consultation or visit their website for more information.

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