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Dr. Park Avenue, Cosmetic Surgery, Health and Beauty, Hoboken, New Jersey

If you are searching for a place to maintain a youthful glow and feel renewed, Dr. Park Avenue in Hoboken, NJ, gives those throughout Hudson County cosmetic procedures for their skin and body that leave them feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer life. They offer a full range of services to help “keep your friends guessing”.

Dr. Paul Fondacaro is a leading physician in laser body sculpting and has received acknowledgement as as one of America’s top cosmetic surgeons from the American Consumers Research Council. His staff are all professionally trained and educated on the various cosmetic procedures available in the current market. Utilizing their skill, they provide clients with unforgettable treatments that leave them feeling confident and self-assured.

Skin care options available include, botox injections, juvederm treatments and facials that provide new life to your skin, giving it a youthful appearance and glow. Laser hair removal is also offered, and smart lipo is another option clients can take advantage of. Smart lipo targets problem areas by removing excess fat and firming up loose skin to leave the body toned.

Dr. Fondacaro and his staff are constantly researching and learning about the different techniques in the industry to provide you with top-notch service every time. If any questions or concerns come up during the process they will answer them honestly and completely to ensure you are fully informed. 

For quality cosmetic procedures that you can trust, contact Dr. Park Avenue today at (201) 942-9292 to schedule an appointment. Visit their website or like them on Facebook for more information.

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