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One of the most important inventions of our time was the light bulb. It not only provides convenience to our lives in times of darkness, it can set the mood in a room. If you are searching for new lighting options for your home or business, Sunlan Lighting in Portland, OR, provides a variety of light bulbs for multiple applications—from home patio lighting to office lighting.  

Owner and founder Kay Newell started her lighting journey in 1989. Believing that light serves as more than a way to see the world around you, she shows her customers that the correct lighting within your home or business can do wonders for your health. From Xenon LED bulbs that help with reading to halogen light bulbs that help with energy conservation, her store serves as your one-stop shop for lighting.

Kay and her staff utilize their knowledge of light bulbs to provide clients with supplies that will meet any need. Whether you are looking for lighting to enhance the mood in your office or lighting fixtures that are beneficial for the environment, they will take the time to listen and fully understand what is needed and provide lighting solutions that help you achieve your goals. If you are looking for more information on a certain type of bulb, they provide education so you know what is best for your personal situation. 

Let the experts at Sunlan Lighting brighten up your life. Visit their store today or call them at (503) 281-0453. You can also visit their website for more information.

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