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Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting and rewarding step in life. When searching for a quality pre-owned vehicle, residents throughout Pierce and Thurston counties rely on Puyallup Car and Truck in Puyallup, WA. This car dealership provides excellent customer service and many makes and models of used cars, trucks and SUVs at low prices. 

Known for their precise attention to detail, the team at Puyallup Car and Truck understands that a vehicle is an extension of a customer’s personality and style. With this in mind, they will find the perfect car that fits with your specific needs and lifestyle by asking questions to determine the use of the vehicle and what options are ideal. Whether it’s a diesel truck for pulling large loads or a smaller car with great gas mileage for a commute, this car dealership is committed to finding customers the perfect match.

Their financial experts will work with lenders in the area to get the lowest rate so you stay within budget and lock in a monthly payment that works for you. They will answer any questions or concerns openly and honestly to make the car buying experience as stress-free as possible. 

Contact Puyallup Car and Truck today for dedicated service and low prices to meet every need. Call the car dealership at (253) 864-3454 to schedule a test drive or visit their website to browse the current inventory of used trucks and cars.

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