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Coming home to find pests in your home is an unacceptable situation for most homeowners. Tackle the problem quickly and efficiently with help from a professional pest control team. Families across Galesburg and Monmouth, IL, count on the friendly staff at Monmouth Termite & Pest Control, Inc to eliminate a variety of pests. With more than 40 years of experience, their company has the skills and knowledge to complete exterminations fast.

This family owned and operated company employs a highly trained crew that continues to educate themselves on the latest innovations in the field to better treat homes. Their exterminators specialize in the extermination of termites and treating the cracks and crevices where they hide. They understand the damage they can inflict on a home and the need to work quickly to minimize the impact on your property. After tracking them down, they will eliminate the termites at their source and work to prevent future invasions.

In addition to termite treatments, they exterminate a wide range of pests including spiders, ants, roaches and small rodents. Their team will discuss the appropriate plan of action to treat your home, answering any questions and concerns you may have about their chemicals or techniques. On all of their pest control services, they offer competitive rates to meet your budget needs.

When unwelcome visitors come to your home, get the quality team at Monmouth Termite & Pest Control to handle the situation. Call them today at (309) 344-7850 to schedule a free termite inspection.

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