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Detox Body Cleanse

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Have a nagging pain in your back or stomach? Get to the root of the issue with specialized therapies by Detox Body Cleanse in Tempe, AZ. Their skilled staff is dedicated to relieving chronic pains through alternative medicine and non-invasive healing treatments.

Detox Body Cleanse is a alternative medicine and wellness clinic, offering several treatments including colon hydrotherapy and corrective massage. Their staff will work with you to confirm if the treatment is right for you by conducting detailed tests that identify potential warning signs such as fatigue and nutritional habits. Their proven colon cleansing is certified by the FDA for pain and stress relief.

In addition to colon hydrotherapy, the clinic provides corrective massage therapy for patients through cutting-edge technology. They utilize Ceragem® to relieve stress and improve blood circulation throughout the body. Ceragem comprises the actions of a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and corrective massage at the same time. Both massage therapy and colon hydrotherapy services are competitively priced for your convenience.

Detox Body Cleanse is determined to improve the overall health of their patients by delivering high-quality alternative medicine treatments. They understand the importance of making sure patients are comfortable before sessions take place, which is why they will answer every question and concern.   

Get the pain relief you deserve through the revitalizing therapies at Detox Body Cleanse. Call a member of their staff today at (480) 630-4401 to schedule a free tour before making an appointment. Don’t forget to check them out online for more information on their alternative medicine services.

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