Highland, Colorado

Denver Deep Dish

Denver Deep Dish

1200 W 38th Ave
Denver, CO 80211
(720) 619-3337
Denver Deep Dish, Pizza, Restaurants and Food, Denver, Colorado

Let’s face it, there’s little in life the hits the spot quite like a freshly made pizza dripping with melted cheese and toppings piled high. At Denver Deep Dish, in Denver, CO, they’ve been serving up mouthwatering Chicago style pizza to the people of Colorado since 2008.

In addition to classic pies like pepperoni or cheese, this authentic eatery includes toppings such as meatballs, sopressata, prosciutto, mortadella and capocollo providing any local dining at this pizza paradise a true glimpse into the delicacies of the Windy City. While they highly encourage you to sink your teeth into the true Chicago style deep-dish crust, thin crust options are also available.

Their eye-opening menu includes smoked and grilled wings, salads, and a variety of cold and grilled sandwiches. They also offer shareable appetizers, including garlic bites, meatball sliders, pretzels, and garlic or cheesy bread. Many of their dishes can be modified to fit dietary needs including dairy and gluten allergies.  

If their pizza doesn’t catch your eye just by looking at it, stop in during their happy hour for drink deals, check out their daily specials and even spend a night munching on your favorite dish while testing your trivia skills. While you can dine in, carry out, have your pizza delivered any day of the week, Denver Deep Dish also provides affordable catering options to fit any size group and any budget. They even have an online ordering system that allows patrons to schedule their orders up to one week in advance.

Whether you're bringing the family, a few co-workers or just hanging with some friends, visit Denver Deep Dish for a night of good times and tasty food. For more information call (720) 619-3337 today. You can also view their menu, and place your order by visiting them online

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