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TC's Pawn Co. Jewelry & Electronics

TC's Pawn Co. Jewelry & Electronics

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TC's Pawn Co. Jewelry & Electronics, Pawn Shop, Shopping, Waterbury, Connecticut

Are broken or unworn trinkets cluttering your jewelry box? What about old computer hardware taking up precious storage space? If so, trading these items in at your local pawn shop is a fantastic way to turn unwanted belongings into fast cash. In Waterbury, CT, people trust the team at TC's Pawn Co. Jewelry & Electronics for honest evaluations of their items. Since opening in 1985, their pawnbrokers have spent three decades awarding customers the most competitive prices on the market for their merchandise.

Sometimes, parting with possessions is a temporary necessity. If you need to pay the mortgage, buy groceries, or require money for additional activities, the local pawn shop’s staff will assist you in navigating cash loans and ensure items remain safe while in their care. The company is a member of the Connecticut Association of Pawnbrokers, National Pawnbrokers Association, their local Chamber of Commerce, and Jewelers Vigilance Committee, so you can take comfort in knowing they adhere to industry standards, rules, and regulations when it comes to assessing your goods.

The staff uses their extensive knowledge of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones to offer an impressive inventory of luxury brand jewelry and accessories. Rolex, Cartier, Gucci, and Figaro are only some of the brands you’ll encounter. Not to be outdone, the electronics department boasts gaming systems for a wide range of devices.

TC's Pawn Co. Jewelry & Electronics’ commitment to making the transaction experience as simple and pleasant for customers as possible sets them apart from similar businesses in the area. You’ll be greeted by a friendly team member as soon as you walk through the door. Then, they’ll evaluate your items on the spot. Because they don’t conduct credit checks, you won’t have to endure a lengthy process to receive cash back.

Don’t let unwanted tools, auto parts, electronics, musical instruments, or jewelry take up room in your space. If you think you have something of value, bring it to one of TC's Pawn Co. Jewelry & Electronics’ Waterbury shops for an assessment. To reach the Lakewood location, call (203) 753-7591 today. Call (203) 755-7296 for the East Main Street facility, and (203) 573-9915 for auto services and the mobile, audio, and video superstore. Visit the pawn shop online to see pictures of their showrooms, and like them on Facebook for news, announcements, and special offers.  

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