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Do you have consumer debts or back taxes that are getting harder and harder to manage? Seeking legal help and knowing what your options are can be the first road to relief. The Aiea, HI law office of Brian Kawamoto provides legal services for those seeking debt relief in various ways.

STOP TAX LEVY AND GARNISHMENT RELIEF. If you owe taxes to the IRS (and depending on your financial situation) you could possibly be an Offer in Compromise candidate. If your offer is accepted by the IRS you will be able to reduce your tax liability without having to file for Bankruptcy.

CONSUMER DEBTS/CREDIT CARDS. If you are drowning in consumer debts and can no longer afford the monthly payments, Bankruptcy relief under Chapter 7 or 13 may help to eliminate debts completely, or re-structure the payments on your debts.

STOP FORECLOSURE. If you are facing foreclosure then filing for Bankruptcy under Chapter 13 may help you to save your home.

Attorney Brian Kawmoto has over 25 years of practical experience and previously worked as an IRS tax attorney for the Office of District Counsel in Los Angeles.

If you have any questions about debts or taxes, call the Aiea, HI law office of Brian Kawamoto at (808) 486-6107, or visit the firm online to find out how they may help your unique situation.

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