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Serving Maui since 1985, Kihei’s Pool Pro provides expert pool maintenance, installation and service, while also selling a wide variety of pool supplies and accessories. Their dedicated staff of licensed technicians and contractors is able to work with above ground pools, hot tubs and spas, while offering comprehensive maintenance plans. They perform every kind of residential or commercial pool related job: installing tile or decking, full inspections, as well as new pool design, construction and installation. Knowing that nothing beats the satisfaction of having your own well maintained, sparkling pool or spa, this company bends over backwards to ensure that the client is happy with all work done and has access to all of the materials he or she needs.

Pool Pro strives to make every aspect of pool ownership, be it design and construction or maintenance and renovation, as stress free as possible. Since this is usually a big investment (but one that is always worth it) its team makes sure to be forthcoming about potential costs and create realistic timelines for the completion of the job. No one should have to lose a day waiting for contractors to show up: Pool Pro makes sure that its contractors or technicians show up exactly at the appointed hour and will complete all work within the agreed upon time frame. It is no wonder that this company has developed a reputation for providing the absolute best in service and expertise.

One of only a few fully licensed, professional pool service companies in Maui County, Pool Pro will make every trip to your backyard a mini-vacation. For more information about pool installation, maintenance and supplies, visit the company’s website or call (808) 879-3294.

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