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When you lose a loved one, your family is your highest priority, and you’ll need a funeral home willing to take your concerns, requests, and preferences with sincerity. Whether you would like to incorporate personal touches, family traditions, or religious beliefs, Fred D. Knapp & Son Funeral Home is committed to fulfilling your requests and supporting you with quality service.

Since 1846, Fred D. Knapp & Son Funeral Home has provided funeral services, support, and comfort to the grieving families of the Greenwich, CT, community. This historic funeral home has served all types of families, from Heads of State, UN ambassadors, dignitaries, and royalty to famous members of the arts and entertainment industry.

Family-owned and locally run, this funeral home is staffed with the most caring and compassionate team who is committed to arranging meaningful and respectful funeral services for your loved ones. When you’re grieving, dealing with funeral arrangements can become an overbearing task. The compassionate team at this funeral home becomes your biggest supporter during this difficult time, helping you make arrangements quickly and efficiently.

Fred D. Knapp & Son Funeral Home understands a difficult time is accompanied with losing a close friend or family member. To make things easier for you and your family, this funeral home is dedicated to fulfilling every request you have, helping you make the right choices, so the memorial service properly commemorates your loved one and celebrates their life in a meaningful way.

If you’re located in the Greenwich, CT, area and you’re looking for a caring team to assist you with your loved one’s funeral arrangements, call Fred D. Knapp & Son Funeral Home at (203) 869-0315. For more information about the funeral services, including embalmings, foreign country services, viewings and visitations, out-of-state deaths, and burials, visit them online.

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