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Mathnasium of Riverdale

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Whether it’s a question of mastering multiplication tables or getting a handle on algebra, math can pose problems for students of any age. Parents in the Bronx who are tired of seeing their children struggling with the subject can look to Mathnasium of Riverdale for help. Using the proven Mathnasium Method™, this math-only learning center helps kids in grades two through 12 understand the subject by teaching them in a way that makes sense to them.

Implemented in more than 700 learning centers throughout the United States and Canada, the Mathnasium Method™ has been helping kids learn math for more than a decade. Their formula is based on a unique assessment process that determines each child’s individual needs. This assessment is used develop a personalized learning plan to teach the students the concepts they need to master.

Once your child’s individual education plan has been set, Mathnasium of Riverdale’s team will be by their side every step of the way as they tackle it. The expertly trained tutors check progress along the way to ensure kids are retaining their new knowledge. Ongoing encouragement is a top priority in this caring environment. Instructors also make sure to set aside time for homework help.

Mathnasium of Riverdale’s encouraging and unique approach to math learning takes the intimidation factor out of mathematics. Students don’t just improve their math knowledge; they also improve their overall attitude towards it. Math doesn’t have to be a frustration, but a welcoming challenge. If your child could benefit from math help, take a look at this neighborhood learning center in the Bronx. Visit their website or call (347) 427-1300 to find out more.

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