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Ng & Niebling LLLC, Estate Planning, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

For more than 40 years, Ng & Niebling has served individuals and families in the Honolulu, HI, area. Their lawyers have the in-depth knowledge needed to guide you through creating a living will, establishing a power of attorney, and other complex legal processes. With their help, you can ensure your loved ones are well cared for and avoid costly taxes on your estate and assets.

Early estate planning can save you headaches and stress later on, and Ng & Niebling’s experienced attorneys can provide the guidance you need throughout the process. Thorough estate planning can eliminate the risk of costly taxes by the state of Hawaii.

Drafting your will and establishing a trust is also a wise move early on, as this will ensure your assets and estate are distributed according to your wishes. If you find yourself in probate, the firm’s experienced lawyers can explain the process so you’ll know what to expect when you go to court.

Power of attorney and conservatorship can also be established with help from one of the firm’s knowledgeable attorneys. Establishing a power of attorney can allow someone you trust to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf, as well as health care decisions, if needed or wanted. For families whose loved ones’ mental or physical limitations has left them unable to properly manage their affairs, Ng & Niebling can assist in the establishment of a conservatorship.

The attorneys at Ng & Niebling understand these are often sensitive and emotionally charged situations. They can provide you with the compassionate and comprehensive legal advice you need to make smart decisions about your estate. Visit their website to learn more about their attorneys or call them at (808) 732-7788 to schedule your free initial consultation. 

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