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Flynn & CYR Land Surveying LLC, Land Surveying, Services, Kensington, Connecticut

The first step in every construction project is land surveying. Before you get started excavating and building, Flynn & CYR Land Surveying LLC will give you the foundation you need for a successful project. As a licensed land surveyor in Kensington, CT, this experienced business specializes in everything from construction surveying to residential property line surveys. They operate within a niche market and proudly serve the entire state of Connecticut.

When Flynn & CYR Land Surveying LLC first opened their doors in 1986, their goal was to provide clients with quality service that was both convenient and honest. After decades of business, they’ve earned a reputation for being a respected part of Connecticut’s communities. They value hard, honest work, and their two-man team goes out of their way to meet client needs in regards to scheduling and special requests. They’re trained and experienced professionals who take pride in what they do.

Land surveying encompasses a number of specific services, and Flynn & CYR Land Surveying LLC handles them all. If you recently bought a house or are preparing to sell, a trained residential surveyor will perform a property line survey to determine exactly where your boundary line lies. They use advanced surveying instruments to deliver accurate and precise results with every job. They perform hydrographic surveys, subdivision surveys, and FEMA surveys.

When the sale of your home or success of your construction planning relies on accurate land surveying, trust the job to the experienced land surveyors at Flynn & CYR Land Surveying LLC. Call them at (860) 828-7866 to ask about their services. You can also schedule a land surveying estimate on their website.

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