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As the premier legal counsel in Kalispell, MT, Glacier Law Firm has been providing expert advice and guidance to local residents since 2009. Attorney Alex Evans focuses on personal injury and wrongful death suits, with the goal of compassionate and quality service for every client.

Glacier Law Firm specializes in cases of personal injury ranging from car accidents to liability claims. As your personal injury lawyer, Attorney Evans will work diligently to recover compensation for any injuries or property damage you may have suffered. In the event that an accident results in the untimely death of a loved one, Glacier Law Firm will guide clients through the process of filing a wrongful death claim against the negligent party. Attorney Evans is also skilled and highly experienced in workers’ comp claims and appeals—if you’ve been hurt on the job, turn to this firm for professional representation.

When you have Glacier Law Firm on your side, you can feel confident you are getting the best legal advice possible. The firm has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from former clients for their dedicated and in-depth legal representation. Attorney Evans and his team understand the devastating impact serious accidents and injuries can have on both the victims and their loved ones, and they know how proficient legal counsel can have a big impact on the success of an appeal. When you choose their firm, you can feel confident that they will keep your best interests at heart.

If you require personal injury or workers’ compensation representation in the Kalispell area, contact Glacier Law Firm for a free 60-minute case evaluation with the firm’s leading attorney. Contact their law office at (406) 552-4343 or visit their website for more information. 

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