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As the largest installer of tubular skylights in the Kentucky region, Transitions, Inc. is the best company to call when you want to introduce spectacular natural light to your home. As a specialized installer of Solatube® daylighting products installer, this team can equip your household with a quick and easy lighting solution that is more affordable and energy-efficient than traditional skylights.

Based in Crestwood, KY, Transitions, Inc. exclusively sells the impressive Australian-created Solatube brand of skylights. Built with a patented tubular design, these products are installed between the roof of your home and the room where you want to install concentrated natural light. The rooftop dome captures sunlight, funnels it down a mirror tube, and diffuses it through a decorative ceiling fixture. The result is a spectacularly bright and beautiful room.

Whether you have a dark den or want to brighten your kitchen and dining room, Solatube lights are a versatile solution. Compared to traditional skylight panels, Solatube products can be installed in a matter of hours and can be distributed throughout the home with ease. Since the unique dome design captures sunlight from all positions, it can deliver a steady stream of natural light throughout the day, whereas a panel skylight may only showcase the light when it is in reach of the sun.

Transitions, Inc. can also help improve your home’s energy efficiency through their installation of solar-paneled attic fans. Powered by sunlight, these products don’t have to drive up your electric bill as they improve attic ventilation to cool one of the hottest parts of your home.

Founded by a longtime expert in the solar industry, Transitions, Inc. can offer customers the highest level of expertise in daylighting installation. Understanding the importance of energy efficiency, this installer will make sure that all flashing is properly sealed to protect against energy leaks. In addition, this service will work with you to ensure the placement of the light will deliver the exact lighting solution you want. It’s this customized and consistent care that has created satisfied, repeat customers for nearly 20 years.

Visit Transitions, Inc. online to learn more about the incredible line of skylight and attic fan products they install throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. To schedule daylighting installation for your home or request a quote, call (502) 592-5562.

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