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Whether you have no idea how to decorate a room or you want to elevate the elegance of your current design, Simply Finished Spaces will maximize the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Located in Denver, CO, the local interior design consultant is dedicated to helping clients create comfortable, beautiful spaces that help them live well and stay within budget. They also help sellers successfully market their houses with comprehensive home staging services.

Founder Stephanie Groutas is at the heart of the interior design services at Simply Finished Spaces. Influenced by an artistic grandmother and a mother passionate about antiques, Groutas’ refined eye for colors, textures, and fabrics manifests in lively home decor ideas. She works on a one-on-one basis with clients to get a deep understanding of how they use their home and what types of decorations resonate with their lifestyles. She then creates a custom interior design plan, which may include space planning, color consultation, window treatments, and accessory selection, to fit her clients’ preferences and budgets.

In addition to original designs and redesigns, Simply Finished Spaces also takes pride in offering home staging services for realtors and sellers. Whether the home is vacant or occupied, they’ll evaluate the property to develop a comprehensive home staging plan for photo sessions. Home staging from Simply Finished Spaces helps houses sell in half the time and for higher prices than similar properties on the market.

If you’re looking to revamp your house, let the interior design team at Simply Finished Spaces develop home decor ideas for your space. To speak with the interior design consultant in Denver, call (512) 699-4809. You can also see a gallery of interior designs online.

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