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As a professionally trained pianist, Iryna Dunaeva has provided piano lessons for more than 38 years. Her studio, European Piano School in Anchorage, AK, offers children and adults the opportunity to take beginner piano lessons, opening up the world of music to her students.

She utilizes the same Russian teaching concepts that have brought about some of the world’s greatest pianists, including Rachmaninoff and Horowitz. With her professional training, both as a pianist and a piano teacher, Iryna Dunaeva offers the skills and expertise students of all levels need from professional piano lessons.

Although she recommends children start learning to play as early as possible, it’s never too late to start piano lessons. She has successfully taught both children and adults the art of this complex and unique instrument. After learning piano, many of her students have gone on to learn a variety of other instruments, like the cello or violin.

Even just a couple years of beginner piano lessons can have a significant impact on a student’s well-being. With music classes from European Piano School, you or your child can enjoy enhanced imagination and creativity, as well as improved memory and coordination. Learning to play an instrument is also known to aid young children in the development of logic and analytic skills. Apart from these skills, playing an instrument also teaches children the value of hard work and gives them confidence at an early age.

European Piano School offers year-round enrollment, so you or your child can start taking piano lessons anytime. Private piano lessons are offered Monday through Saturday by appointment so that you can fit your or your kid’s piano lessons around your busy schedules. If you want your child to receive private piano lessons from an expert piano teacher, contact European Piano School at (907) 360-2915 or visit them online.

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