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Fairbanks Paint & Glass, the premier window repair and paint supplier in Fairbanks, AK, is the region's expert in light and color. When you need window glass or door glass for a commercial storefront, they are your destination for quality glass repair. When you need specialty coatings or custom paint spraying equipment, they have just what you need.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor paint, they offer the widest selection of top quality brands, including Pratt & Lambert, Kodiak, Flood, and Moosehide. Their paints and specialty coatings are specially designed to withstand Alaska's sub-zero winter temperatures without cracking or peeling; moreover, they'll keep their vivid color even after years of punishing weather. Fairbanks Paint & Glass also sells everything you need to simplify your painting project, including reliable paint spraying equipment, brushes, rollers, epoxies, and paint thinners.

Their selection of window glass is likewise top-notch. They specialize in quality materials and stand behind each product they sell. Their inventory is vast, and their selection is broad, so you can find exactly the size and style you need to match existing windows or complement the décor of your home. Also, they offer expert installation services; if you have them install your window glass, you need never worry about drafts, leaks, or condensation. 

Their team of specialists has many years of combined industry experience and knowledge, so they have the expertise to help you choose the best paint or window and door glass for your application. Their employees receive factory training from paint manufacturers to keep them current on the latest technologies and products, and the company is ADAM certified and a member of Associated General Contractors of Alaska (AGC).

Fairbanks Paint & Glass, the most skilled window repair service and paint supplier in Fairbanks, AK, can help brighten your home or office in a number of ways. Visit them online for contact details, or call (907) 456-7758 to discuss your glass and paint needs with a courteous, knowledgeable sales representative.

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