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Escape the Room Challenge

Escape the Room Challenge

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Imagine you have only 60 minutes to complete a formidable puzzle and break free from a site. If it sounds like a scene from a movie or video game, think again — it’s part of Escape the Room Challenge in West Chester, OH.

Their escape challenges provide you and your guests with an engaging game that will put your brains to the test. Whether you’re looking for a date night idea or corporate team-building activity, you can reserve a spot to solve one of the many difficult dilemmas offered by Escape the Room Challenge. You and your guests will be locked in an artfully crafted escape room full of curiosities and clues to solve.

Ever wonder what it might be like to be a secret agent trying to stop a ticking time bomb? Try the Double Agent Dilemma, a team-building challenge that will push you to use your minds to disarm an imaginary explosive device. If mystery is your thing, Esmeralda’s Curse will pit you against puzzles supposedly arranged by a murdered gypsy fortune teller seeking revenge against her killers. The greedy lawyer stole your $50 million trust fund in Uncle Ernie’s Millions. Or try Escape the Mob, which asks you to protect a cherished family heirloom from being stolen and shipped off by the notorious Giganti family. 

The escape games have various levels of difficulty, but all are full of unexpected challenges. The team from Escape the Room Challenge will be there to help if you get stuck or need to stop the puzzle. While the games are full of suspense, you can rest assured the environment is always safe and fun. You even can bring young ones with adult supervision if you’re looking for family entertainment ideas.

Are you ready to take on one of the best entertainment options in the Cincinnati area? Whether you need a unique birthday party idea or just want to bring a few individuals to play, go online to reserve a spot with Escape the Room Challenge. To learn more about the escape game, visit their website for answers to frequently asked questions or call a room escape expert at (513) 759-7666.

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