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Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash

Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash

301 S West County Rd
Hobbs, NM 88240
(575) 391-1340
Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash, Car Wash, Services, Hobbs, New Mexico

If you are looking for the quickest, most comprehensive truck wash in Hobbs, NM, visit Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash. From semitrucks and gooseneck trailers to RV’s and buses, their dedicated team of cleaning professionals will work to get your vehicle cleaner than you ever imagined. No matter the size or dirt on your vehicle, Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash has the tools and skills to get you and your sparkling clean truck back on the road in no time at all.

The state-of-the-art facilities at Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash can provide you with a complete truck or bus wash all in less than ten minutes—guaranteed! Using automated cleaning technology, their team of expert technicians can even perform mud removal, undercarriage wash, and semi detailing in just a few moments. Services at Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash are not limited to trucks, buses, and RV’s. They are also equipped to handle motorized homes, SUV’s, small passenger cars, and virtually any other vehicle.

The standard package for a truck and trailer wash includes mud removal, use of Double-Xtreme soap, a high-pressure spinner rinse, and a spot-free rinse. However, you can also include other add-ons to make your vehicle look better than before including a clear coat of wax protectant, individual wheel shine, and engine degreasing. If you feel your truck or RV needs a little extra attention, our team can also offer you mud removal by hand, and there are vacuums available for customer use to clean your interior as well.

The team at Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash knows that when your truck is your business, it is important for it to look its best at all times. They also understand that time is money and that’s why they will work to get your vehicle cleaned and back on the road in 10 minutes or less. To find out more about their services or to get the best truck wash in New Mexico, call (575) 391-1340, or visit their website.


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