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Magnolia Bank

651 W Dixie Ave
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 765-4072
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For over a century, Magnolia Bank has been committed to providing reliable, friendly service and the highest quality banking products available to customers throughout Elizabethtown, Hodgenville, and Magnolia, KY. At each of their branch locations, you'll find friendly banking professionals who will take the time to fully understand your needs and give you the personal attention you deserve.

With a rich tradition of service and a reputation in the community, this respected local bank also concentrates on providing the kind of cutting-edge services you might expect from a larger, national chain. Whether you're looking for a low-fee personal checking account or an SBA loan to make your dreams of business ownership come true, you can rely on Magnolia Bank's team for the financial solutions you need. All of their products, from car loans to investment services, are designed with your convenience and financial security in mind, making this local bank the only partner you need.

Opening an account with Magnolia Bank can be the beginning of a lifelong relationship with an institution dedicated to evolving with the times. By combining their dedication to old-fashioned values of customer service and courtesy with innovative products, they've earned the respect of generations of local residents. Everyone from established local businesses to students just opening their first account will find what they need at this respected local bank.

Visit Magnolia Bank online now to learn more about their diverse array of services and to find your nearest location, call (270) 358-3183 with any questions, or just drop by your local branch office to open an account today.

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