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Your vehicle is an important investment, which is why it’s essential to find a mechanic you can trust. Because of this, Buffalo Collision Repair in Buffalo, MN, offers high-quality auto body repair services delivered with exceptional customer care. Whether you’re in need of extensive body work or a simple wheel alignment, their skilled mechanics and customer service staff will do everything they can to ensure you’re satisfied. If you’re looking for an auto body repair company that’s committed to developing long-lasting relationships with all of their clients, Buffalo Collision Repair is your best choice.

Established in 1971, Buffalo Collision Repair is Buffalo’s oldest family-owned and -operated auto body facility. Over the years, they’ve developed a loyal customer base by offering honest services at an affordable price. When you bring your vehicle into Buffalo Collision Repair, you’ll be treated like one of the family. They know that being involved in a collision or having your car breakdown can be stressful enough without having to worry about the insurance claims process. Because of this, Buffalo Collision Repair assists you with your insurance paperwork, ensuring that the claims process is clear and answering any questions you might have along the way. Buffalo Collision Repair is a direct repair shop for many of the leading insurance providers in Minnesota, meaning much of the work they provide is preapproved and accepted by major insurance providers.

Buffalo Collision Repair offers a wide range of auto body repair services, including dent removal and painting services, frame straightening and repairs, and wheel alignment services. No matter what type of damage your vehicle has suffered, their mechanics will provide you with timely and effective solutions designed to have you back behind the wheel in no time. Because Buffalo Collision Repair is devoted to providing customers with the best services available, all of their mechanics are I-Car Gold Class and ASE certified. While your vehicle is being repaired, they can provide you with a free loaner car, so you’re not inconvenienced when your car’s in the shop. In addition to their automotive services, the professionals from Buffalo Collision Repair also specialize in boat and aircraft repairs as well.

For those in need of an auto body repair shop you can trust, contact the professionals from Buffalo Collision Repair today at (763) 682-3135. You can also visit them online for a complete list of services.



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