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Did you know more than two-thirds of American adults own smartphones? For most of us, we’re using them every day. With that kind of usage, accidents are prone to happen. Fortunately, FixAPhone is here to offer mobile phone repair in Centerville, OH—when you need it most.  What’s more, these smartphone repair specialists aim for same-day service—at affordable prices that many other stores can’t match. 

When it comes to modern mobile devices, there’s no area of expertise that the FixAPhone team doesn’t have. Whether a broken screen has left you needing Android® repair or your iPhone® screen requires phone battery replacement, these technicians know how to fix the problem. These pros don’t just provide smartphone repair services, but they also provide complete tablet repair services, perfect for restoring your iPad®, Kindle®, or Samsung Galaxy® tablet.

In addition to tablet, Android, and iPhone repair, FixAPhone is also a trusted retailer of cost-friendly wireless phones and wireless accessories. So, if your phone is completely beyond repair, you’ll always have a solid resource to keep you connected. They will even buy your old or unwanted or broken cell phones, tablets, and smartphone accessories, allowing you to get cash and put it toward your next device! 

FixAPhone is located in Centerville, OH, and is a convenient spot for any Montgomery County resident to seek out smartphone repair. Learn more about their services online, and call (937) 771-6697 to schedule same-day mobile phone repair or request an estimate. 


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