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Automotive Supply Center Ltd

Automotive Supply Center Ltd

411 E Kawili St
Hilo, HI 96720
Automotive Supply Center Ltd, Auto Accessories, Services, Hilo, Hawaii

When your vehicle needs parts and supplies, Automotive Supply Center has what you’re looking for. With a large, on-site inventory of new and rebuilt automotive parts, supplies, and paint, the Hilo, HI, store has everything you require for all types of vehicles — including foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and high-performance vehicles.

Since 1956, the family-owned business has grown from two brothers running a small supply center to a top provider of automotive supplies throughout Hawaii. The store now has three large warehouses with a huge inventory of automotive and commercial truck parts and their team of more than 35 employees is expanding every day.

Automotive Supply Center provides customers with expertise, convenience, and competitive pricing for automotive repair and upgrade supplies. Customer satisfaction is a priority, and the team assures you that they have the correct parts and accessories to get your vehicle up and running as fast as possible. Their inventory includes parts from top manufacturers to suit your needs and budget. The store also has inter-island and on-island shipping options so you can receive what you need quickly.

For quality automotive parts, supplies, and accessories, Hilo’s Automotive Supply Center has the best inventory for foreign and domestic vehicles. To keep your car or truck running its best or to upgrade your vehicle, stop by their store and let an expert staff member help you find what you need, from brakes to fuel pumps to engine parts. Visit their website for more information on their parts and services or call (808) 935-3767.

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