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For Chester, Fairfield, and Kershaw counties in South Carolina, TruVista is the leading cable company providing residential and business customers with the most reliable voice, internet, and cable services available. With an extensive list of products and services, customers only need to call one company for all of their communication needs.

Founded in 1897, the company has remained loyal to their local customer service roots while growing and changing to meet the ever-evolving world of technology. Their goal is to provide the community with superior service and products that keep them current with changing trends. These professionals offer the latest products to give customers the best in cable television, local and long distance phone service, and high-speed internet service. The company also offers money-saving bundles so that customers get the best plans and service available at affordable rates.

TruVista’s quality phone service offers local and long distance options with a variety of calling features—the cable company also provides telephone line and wire maintenance services to keep your equipment in top shape and to avoid repairs later on. They also offer Lifeline services for households who qualify to receive this federal benefit, helping families get their products at affordable rates.

Customers can also rely on TruVista for individual and family data plans for wireless devices. As an AT&T retailer, the cable company offers a variety of phone and tablet options with data plans to suit your budget, as well as hearing aid compatibility for any hearing impaired family members.

For cable service, customers receive the best in high-definition TV as well as DVR options so you won’t miss your favorite shows. Your picture is guaranteed to be clear and sharp as you enjoy your favorite channels. Their cable internet service includes high-speed internet, web hosting, and built-in protection from viruses and phishing. TruVista also provides the best home security options with various 24-hour monitoring systems, keeping your home and business safe when you aren’t there.

For Chester, SC, and surrounding counties, TruVista is the cable company to turn to for your communication needs. Their affordable bundles for both residential and business customers offer superior phone, internet, and cable service designed to meet your specific requirements. Browse their bundles on their website or call (803) 385-2191 to speak with a customer service representative.

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