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The Avon Pet lodge

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The Avon Pet lodge , Kennels, Services, Avon, Ohio

The animal lovers at The Avon Pet Lodge offer pet care services that keep dogs and cats happy, comfortable, and safe while their owners are away. Located in Avon, OH, The Avon Pet Lodge provides high-quality pet boarding and dog day care, along with a complete range of grooming treatments. They also offer a full-service pet hotel for dogs and cats.

Whether your job keeps you away from home all day or you’re planning an extended vacation, you can put your pet in safe hands at The Avon Pet Lodge. Four-legged friends at their pet boarding facilities are showered with love and attention by every member of their pet care staff.

Pups who attend their dog day care play all day long at indoor and outdoor facilities that are brimming with fun toys. For long-term stays, canines and felines are placed in spacious, soothing environments that surpass typical pet kennel options. Dogs and cats can be placed together, if space allows, to create a more relaxing experience. The pet care specialists at The Avon Pet Lodge round out their services with grooming that improves the health and appearance of your dog.

The Avon Pet Lodge knows what it takes to make dogs and cats feel loved and protected while their owners are gone. They provide ample space for furry creatures to run around and burn off energy, as well as secluded areas that give shy dogs and cats a place of sanctuary. Every four-legged visitor is required to have up-to-date vaccinations to keep all animals safe.

From daytime dog care to overnight pet boarding, The Avon Pet Lodge operates its pet care facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To tour the animal boarding facilities, call (440) 937-0717. Visit their website for more information, including rates and forms.

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