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Architecture is a collaborative experience. For nearly 20 years, Pardi Partnership Architects PC in Rochester, New York, has been on the forefront of collaborative design, bringing together architects, designers, graphics specialists, and consulting engineers to work on a variety of projects. The team at Pardi Partnership Architects PC develops projects—from commercial office buildings and community centers to senior living facilities and automotive dealerships—from conception to completion.

The experts at Pardi Partnership Architects handle each step of the process, from programming to construction administration. The design professionals clearly define a workflow process for each project, and clients are brought along every step of the way. Known as innovators in the field, the team at Pardi Partnership Architects PC employs the design and build construction concept. This team-based approach allows the designers and builders to work together from start to finish. For clients, this means the project is delivered at a lower cost, a higher quality, and a shorter time frame.

Pardi Partnership Architects PC specializes in commercial property development, researching potential properties, organizing the necessary legal framework, designing the project, securing financing, coordinating construction, and managing the investment. To date, the development group has held or sold more than $6 million worth of commercial property.

In addition to commercial projects, Pardi Partnership Architects PC also works on corporate offices and multi-family buildings. Recently, the creative team has developed a specialty in the adaptive reuse of existing buildings. Pardi Partnership Architects can take an abandoned or underutilized site or structure and breathe new life into it. Oftentimes, these projects spark even more developments in the districts and neighborhoods they are a part of.

For more information about the award-winning team at Pardi Partnership Architects PC, visit the website, or call their Rochester, New York, office at (585) 454­-4670.

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