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Your life is waiting—don’t let pain hold you back. If you’re suffering from a painful spine or extremity disorders, the specialists at iSpine Pain Physicians will help you find relief and reclaim your life. Serving residents of Minneapolis at four convenient locations, this highly trained team is committed to providing chronic pain management services and helping patients return to healthy, active lifestyles. Combining cutting-edge procedures with compassionate care, these Interventional Pain Management experts relieve shoulder, hip, neck, and back pain, allowing you to go back to enjoying the activities you love.

At iSpine Pain Physicians, you’ll never feel like you’ve been put into a box, because their physicians firmly believe in a personalized approach. Whether you come into the practice with injuries from an auto accident or need help with chronic pain management, your doctor will work with you to do a thorough evaluation of your needs. They’ll create a comprehensive, individual treatment plan that’s carefully customized for your unique situation. Your care plan will also incorporate a multi-faceted approach, coordinating on-site treatment with referrals to rehabilitation and psychological providers as needed.

Committed to making treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible, iSpine Pain Physicians offers advanced, minimally invasive treatments with lots of compassionate support. To this end, they offer the option of sedation for their image-guided interventions, which will help to minimize your discomfort during procedures.

If you’re experiencing neck, extremity, or back pain, or have a condition that demands chronic pain management, it’s time to take back your life! Call iSpine Pain Physicians at (763) 201-8191 to schedule your first appointment, or visit their website to learn more about their comprehensive services.

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