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Arguably the most popular privately-owned nature reserve in the world, Kualoa is admittedly the place “where legends are made.” For more than a century, this exotic location in Kaneohe, HI, has attracted visitors from all parts of the globe for its exciting recreational opportunities. Whether you’re interested in horseback riding, zip line tours, or beach activities, have a go at them all at this breathtaking resort.

Considered a sacred piece of land by the residents of Oahu in the early days, Kualoa was originally inhabited by Hawaii’s royal family. In 1850, it was purchased by Dr. Gerritt P. Judd, whose family has operated this sprawling 4,000-acre property for six generations. Their commitment to protecting Hawaii’s inherent habitat has helped the land evolve into one of the area’s most prominent regional landmarks.

To help you explore Kualoa’s fantastic beauty, the nature reserve facilitates tourists with a wide variety of island tours. Based on your convenience and preference, you can choose from their phenomenal zip line, horseback riding, and ATV tours. Soak in the oceanic view by taking their ocean and fish pond tours, and partake in fun beach activities for an extra dose of adventure.

Thanks to its exquisite location, Kualoa sports a unique combination of majestic mountains and sparkling Hawaiian oceans. The spectacular scenery has been captured in numerous film and television projects, which you can see for yourself by opting for their movie site tours. One look at Kualoa’s mesmerizing landscape will explain why the nature reserve is a popular wedding venue for couples from around the world. Complementing your special day with top-tier catering services, the in-house connoisseurs will furnish you with a delightful selection of seafood and grass-fed beef specialties.

Awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” by Tripadvisor, Kualoa is a must-visit place for all nature lovers. To learn more about their island tours and event venue facilities, call their helpful staff at (808) 748-3243, visit their website, and like them on Facebook and Twitter.

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