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Clear Creek Communications

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For the most reliable and comprehensive communications and entertainment technology, check out Clear Creek Communications, the premier cable television, telephone, and high-speed internet services provider in Oregon City. They offer a variety of affordable plans to help you stay connected, with the services you need at rates that fit your budget.

This respected cable company offers the following digital services to the Redland community:

  • Telephone: Clear Creek Communications offers simple, reliable, and convenient Choice packages, with features like call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, voice mail, anonymous call rejection, and more. You can choose a basic, economical, or feature-rich service package. Their reliable network provides the clearest signal and the fewest dropped calls, whether your connection is across town or across the country.
  • Cable Television: Clear Creek Communications also offers the finest local programming and popular sports, entertainment, and movie channels. Choose from a variety of services that meet your needs. And, with watchTVeverywhere, you can watch your favorite shows, sports, news and more on your mobile devices. The Best Part? It’s FREE as a part of your TV subscription.
  • Internet:  With a variety of plans to choose from, get the speed you need for the number of devices you own and the amount you use them. Need help managing your network, check out Clear Creek’s HomeSync Wireless Networking services.

Save money when you sign up for multiple services with Clear Creek. SAVINGS AS SIMPLE AS 1.2.3 Visit them online or call (503) 631-2101 to speak with a friendly representative about connecting your home with telephone and cable service today.

Clear Creek Communications is the most reliable cable television, telephone, and high-speed internet services provider in Oregon City. They offer a wide variety of affordable plans so you can customize your digital communications to get the services you need. Visit them online, or call (503) 631-2101 to speak with a friendly representative about connecting your home with telephone and cable service today.

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