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Melvin T. Strider Colonial Funeral Home

Melvin T. Strider Colonial Funeral Home

310 S Fairfax Blvd
Ranson , WV 25438
Melvin T. Strider Colonial Funeral Home, Funeral Homes, Services, Ranson , West Virginia

The Melvin T. Strider Colonial Funeral Home is a full-service funeral facility in Charles Town, WV. These funeral planning experts have been helping bereaved family members make burial arrangements for their deceased loved ones since 1889. The caring staff at the family-owned-and-operated funeral home is committed to providing professional, compassionate funeral planning services to families in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties.

Whether you need help with funeral planning or setting up arrangements for a cremation, the attentive staff will ensure that you and your family receive the personalized attention you deserve during the difficult time. If you’re planning to have a traditional funeral service for your deceased family member, they will work with you to create a special ceremony to commemorate the memory of your loved one.

The Melvin T. Strider Colonial Funeral Home also offers pre-planning services for arranging your own funeral. They understand how hard it can be to plan a funeral immediately after losing a loved one. By taking advantage of their pre-planning services, you can ease the burden on your family by making all the difficult decisions for your funeral in advance.

When you need to make immediate funeral arrangements, the attentive team at Melvin T. Strider Colonial Funeral Home is available to assist you. To make your plans in person with one of their funeral professionals, contact them today at (304) 725-7068, or visit their website to choose the arrangements that work best for your personal preferences and your budget.

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