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Wailuku Pet Clinic

1728 A Kaahumanu Avenue
Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 244-7275
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Your pet is a loyal member of your family, and they deserve the best care possible. For the top pet hospital on Maui, look to Wailuku Pet Clinic. This affordable animal care center has cutting-edge facilities and a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is devoted your pet’s health. Whether your furry friend simply needs routine vaccinations or requires emergency veterinarian treatment, this pet hospital has you covered.

With a focus on preventative care, Wailuku Pet Clinic is dedicated to giving your pet a long and healthy life by catching any issues before they become serious. In addition to regular physical exams, the animal care center offers a variety of basic veterinary services, including vaccinations, flea and tick control, spaying and neutering, puppy shots, and pet dental services. Pet surgery and emergency veterinarian services are also available should it turn out that your pet has a serious problem.

The people working at Wailuku Pet Clinic are true animal lovers who will always make your animal’s health and safety a top priority. If your pet needs a place to stay while you’re away on holiday, this animal hospital’s pet boarding services are a great choice. You can relax while you’re sipping cocktails on the beach knowing that your animal is in good hands. They can board any animal that they provide treatment services for, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds.

Wailuku Pet Clinic serves the Wailuku, Makawao, Kihei, Kahului, and Wailea areas of Maui. If you are in need of an affordable animal care center that truly cares about your pet’s well-being, trust this pet hospital. Visit their website for more information or call (808) 244-7275 to make an appointment. The staff of skilled veterinary professionals will be happy to welcome you and your pet to the Wailuku Pet Clinic family.

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