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Established in 1973, Hawaiian Islands Stamp & Coin of Honolulu has become known as the region’s most distinguished authority on old coins, stamps, and other collectibles. Their outstanding reputation begins with President Don Medcalf. He is one of the most visible and trusted figures in the world of numismatics. In addition to being appointed as the Chairman of the Expertising Committee of the Hawaiian Philatelic Society, he was also elected President of the Stamp and Coin Dealers Association of Hawaii.

Medcalf and his all-star crew of appraisers will provide you with a professional opinion about the worth of valuable coins ranging from a Gold Eagle to a Morgan Silver Dollar. These veterans also specialize in rare confederate notes, military pay certificates, and even Chinese knife money. In addition to helping you understand the value of your possessions, these pros will buy certain varieties of gold and silver you may be looking to sell. Conversely, they also have a large inventory of fascinating items for you to choose from if you’re in the market for valuable coins or other collectibles.

There is no appraiser more trusted in Hawaii than Hawaiian Islands Stamp & Coin. They are regularly contracted for high value work by a stable of banks, government agencies and other key institutions, and their list of clients includes both the Bishop Museum and the Bank of Hawaii.

If you have questions about your gold and silver, or are just looking for some exotic Hawaiian coins, head over to Hawaiian Islands Stamp & Coin. To talk to a friendly member of the staff, dial (808) 531-6251. You can see a few sample products by visiting their website.  

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