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Pediatric Dental Group has been serving the dental needs of children in Hawaii since 1966. They offer dental care that is specially tailored for young children. Their gentle yet effective approach will give children the thorough dental care they need in a nonthreatening environment. 

Dental care is important in terms of oral health, function, and aesthetics. That’s why children need to start visiting the dentist from a young age. Pediatric Dental Group is the perfect place to start your children on their journey to oral health and dental hygiene. Without regular care, children’s teeth may require emergency dental care. Avoid an emergency visit with regular dental exams and teeth cleaning.

Pediatric dentistry is different than traditional dentistry. The dentists at Pediatric Dental Group have been specially trained for an additional two to three years after dental school to be able to effectively treat young children. This training involves learning to customize care based on a child’s individual maturity and emotional needs. That means that pediatric dentists are the best choice for your unique child’s dental care. Bringing your child to a pediatric dentist early will set them up for a lifetime of oral health. They will not only receive premium dental care, but they will also learn the techniques to properly care for their own teeth between visits. 

To give your child the dental care they deserve, schedule an appointment at Pediatric Dental Group by calling (808) 593-8828 for the Honolulu office or (808) 245-2131 for the Lihue office.

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As a parent, your child’s health and safety are a top priority. So, when they exhibit unusual behaviors—like nail biting or teeth grinding—it’s natural to become concerned. Teeth more
Your child may be preoccupied with thoughts of the tooth fairy, but when they start losing their baby teeth, your focus should be on dental care and what’s coming next. Baby teeth more
Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a fairly common problem among children. Although many kids grow out of this habit, it can cause damage that requires professional dental care before more
For parents of babies, the six-month marker can be a dreaded one, as it’s usually the time that teething starts. Although a lot of fussing happens as baby teeth grow in, it all more
If your child is teething, the first sign you'll spot won't be a tiny baby tooth poking through—it will be crankiness and irritation. As a parent, it's hard to see your child in more
If you have a child with special needs, you are no doubt aware that maintaining proper dental care can be frustrating. In this case, working with a skilled pediatric dentist is of more
Many new parents don’t think about their little one’s dental hygiene until they start teething. That’s also the perfect opportunity to look into pediatric dentistry. What do these more
One of the challenges of pediatric dentistry is that it’s difficult to get children to properly care for their teeth and gums. At a young age, it’s important for them to develop more
Visiting the dentist can be an intimidating experience for children, but, with help from adults, they can come to enjoy it. By adopting a positive attitude for dental visits more
Infant dental care can be intimidating, especially for first-time parents. Learning how to attend to your little one’s teeth and gums is important, however. A pediatric dentistry more
While a supportive, safe, and nurturing classroom environment is vital to a student’s success, many factors outside the classroom also have an effect. Studies have shown a link more
One of the best ways you can ensure your child's future health is to help them form good dental care habits now. Dental hygiene starts younger than you may have realized, with more
There are many different dental problems that you can develop throughout your life. Even if your family is maintaining proper dental hygiene, they may be susceptible to fluorosis more
As soon as your child’s first tooth begins to emerge or before 12 months of age, it’s time to visit the dentist. After that, it’s recommended to visit the dentist at least more
If your child has a toothache, the pain can be distressing for them and you. Tooth pain is often a sign of a problem that needs prompt dental care, such as an advanced cavity or a more
At first glance, sports and energy drinks may seem like a harmless way for children to energize themselves after challenging physical activities. However, the components these more
The tooth fairy remains in the same pantheon as Santa Claus, Jack Frost, and the Easter Bunny, but how did the story of a beautiful sprite exchanging coins for teeth come about? If more
Do thumb-sucking and pacifiers have a negative impact on your child’s teeth? Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, HI, provides you with more information about how these more
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Dental X-rays are a valuable tool used to identify any number of dental health issues. In many cases, a person’s dental care is determined by what’s found on the X-ray. But are they more
When it comes to protecting your teeth from decay, brushing and flossing often aren’t enough. That’s why dental care professionals frequently recommend supplementing your more
Dental problems are always inconvenient, but the sight of your child’s bleeding gums can cause more than worry. However, the reason for inflamed gums isn’t always serious. There are more
Pursuing a gluten free diet? Whether you’re sensitive to this protein or you think you may have Celiac disease, Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, HI recommends taking a second to more
As a parent, you know how important good nutrition is to your child’s health. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains and healthy protein, ensures your more
A beautiful smile and a healthy smile are one in the same. If you want to be confident when showing off your pearly whites, first you’ll need clean gums and teeth. You know more
Candy and other sweets can be damaging to teeth, especially if they’re consumed in large amounts regularly. The dentists at Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, Hawaii, say that more
Most of us are no strangers to the phrase, “you are what you eat,” but what we may not realize is that you are also how you eat. While getting in whole grains, fruits, and more
It’s not uncommon for children to suffer from different types of injuries when they take part in their favorite sporting activities. To minimize the damage sports injuries can more
Preparing your child for early dental exams is the best way to make sure they develop a positive association with pediatric dentistry, and it's important to keep yourself informed, more
Proper dental care for your kids involves regular visits with the dentist, but the question is, when should you schedule the very first one? According to the dedicated staff of more
Although it’s a common condition, sensitive teeth are an important dental care issue to address, especially in children. It can lead to poor hygiene, fear of dental exams, as well more
While mouthwash can be an important part of a dental care routine for adults, but what about children? Hawaii’s Pediatric Dental Group is here to answer your questions about more
Since all mouthwashes are not created equally, Pediatric Dental Group is here to provide you with more information on how to choose the right rinse for your specific dental more
The most obvious way to promote your child’s oral health is to teach them proper dental care, including daily brushing and flossing and regular trips to the dentist for teeth more
Your kids might brush and floss regularly, but certain habits may be sabotaging their overall dental health. In fact, some oral “no-nos” can damage the teeth or jaws, leading& more
More and more, experts are learning that your emotional state can also affect other areas of your health. Even in the dental care industry, professionals have noticed how stress, more
When was the last time you actually looked at the box your toothpaste comes in? Most toothpaste you can find at the drugstore contain artificial colors and dyes or synthetic more
When children are developing their dental care habits, it can be difficult for them to thoroughly clean teeth that have deep grooves, which are already highly susceptible to tooth more
As a symbol of beauty and health, many people strive to obtain a gorgeous, bright smile; this goal can often be achieved through porcelain veneers or Lumineers®. So, what is the more
For people who have noticeable gaps between their teeth, feeling self-conscious about their smile is common. While this problem is simply just cosmetic in most cases, leaving it more
Great dental care habits begin in childhood. Teaching your children to brush and floss their teeth and visit the dentist for biyearly dental exams lays the foundation for lifelong more
Parenting is exceptionally difficult. In addition to making sure that your child stays focused in school and makes great friends, most parents are also concerned about keeping their more
Even the bravest adult can get jitters at the dental clinic, so it’s no surprise that many kids are afraid of the dentist. Pediatric dentistry professionals like those at Pediatric more
Even a minor toothache is painful enough to interfere with your daily routine, and for your children, a toothache can cause extreme stress and discomfort. You want to do everything more
Whether your teenager is experiencing tooth decay or your toddler has a cavity, fillings are necessary to help your child avoid pain, further tooth loss, and maintain proper more
Not all healthy snacks are created equal. Despite being marketed as healthy options for on-the-go families, they do nothing to promote strong, cavity-free teeth. Learn about which more
With more than 50 years of experience serving the children of Hawaii, there’s not much the dentists of Pediatric Dental Group haven’t been asked about dental care for kids. Below more
As your children grow, it’s important to teach them the best ways to take care of their teeth. Pediatric Dental Group works hard to be a reliable dental care partner for Hawaii’s more
Teething is often a difficult experience for babies. As the first teeth emerge from the gums, they may cause some discomfort. The dental care team at Pediatric Dental Group, based more
Although it’s important for your child to brush their teeth, the team at Pediatric Dental Group warns consuming too much toothpaste can result in harmful consequences. more
Babies come into this world without the bacteria that causes dental caries – the condition that causes cavities. They acquire this bacteria from saliva that is transmitted from more
When children take a tumble, their teeth could be at risk, so it’s crucial to be prepared and know what to do next. After an accident, your first priorities as a parent are to more
The first few years are a crucial time for children’s dental care, and a big part of ensuring healthy tooth development is choosing the right brush for your child’s age. Pediatric more
Between baby books and family members, new parents are given a wealth of advice about feeding, bathing, and generally caring for their newborns and toddlers. However, in all of the more
A child’s first trip to the dentist can be scary—for both the child and the parent. That’s why many families choose to take their children to a pediatric dentistry rather than a more
Dentistry is about more than simply filling teeth. As in any other field of health, smart dental hygiene is often as much about prevention as anything else. When it comes to dental more
Early thumb sucking is a natural reflex that helps babies and toddlers feel secure.  According to pediatric dentistry professionals, most children outgrow the habit more
Good dental care shouldn’t end after your child leaves the dentist, but should be an important consideration in daily life. It shouldn’t feel like a chore either – the foods more
There are many milestones to celebrate as your baby grows, from first steps to first words and the arrival of your baby’s first teeth. Honolulu families have been trusting more
Are you the parent of an adorable thumb-sucker? You are not alone. Many children learn this self-soothing technique even before they are born, so the practice is quite normal and more
Children spend the majority of their day at school. This makes it difficult for you to ensure they are eating snacks and meals that are beneficial to their teeth and gums. At more
From the moment your child is born, you should start thinking about their oral health. The professionals at Hawaii’s Pediatric Dental Group know starting kids off with proper dental more
While your child probably thinks the X-ray machine at dental exams is pretty cool, you may worry about the necessity of radiation exposure, even if it is minimal. Pediatric more
Tooth injuries are a common occurrence with children. Toddlers who are unsteady on their feet typically damage their teeth from falls. Older children are more prone to tooth more
Taking your newborn to the baby dentist for the first time can be nerve-wracking—more so for parents than the newborn! Pediatric Dental Group has been serving the dental needs of more
Are you wondering how to freshen up your breath without spending a small fortune on chewing gum? The truth is that focusing on better lifestyle habits, avoiding certain foods, and more
You know how important dental care is for helping children grow healthy and strong, but getting your children to eat their vegetables and brush their teeth can sometimes be a more
Teaching your children how to brush and floss their teeth correctly is essential to developing good dental hygiene habits, but using mouthwash on top of that can ensure that the more
Once kids have their baby teeth, it’s the perfect time to start flossing and teaching the importance of good dental hygiene. So how can you get your child engaged in their own more
For whatever reason, early childhood dental care is one of those topics that doesn’t come up a lot in parenting books or on blogs, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important! In fact, more
Every parent wants their child to have the best, and this sentiment extends to their smile. While regular trips to the dentist can leave children’s teeth healthy, it doesn’t more
There are hundreds of different types of bacteria that live in your mouth. While there are many bacteria that are helpful, a few exist that produce acid when combined with more
Going to the dentist is necessary for good oral health—however, many people struggle with overwhelming fear and anxiety at the prospect of going in for their appointment. This fear more
Any dental care professional or orthodontist will tell you, retainers are just as important to maintaining a perfect smile as braces. At Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, Hawaii more
With homework, sports, school clubs, volunteer work and more, your children’s schedules fill up fast once the school year begins. Do their teeth and gums a favor by arranging more
No matter how old you are, cavities are quite literally a pain. For adults, of course, the reasons that these need to be taken care of are clear—you don’t get a second chance with more
Proper dental care and hygiene is the best way to prevent tooth decay, but it’s also important to encourage children to make wise food choices so that they can have strong, healthy more
X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool in pediatric dentistry. The dentists at Pediatric Dental Group, a pediatric dental care center serving Lihue and Honolulu, HI, say there more
Most kids love sugary treats, but these foods can lead to tooth decay. The dental care team at Pediatric Dental Group explains how exposure to sugar can increase your child’s more
Braces help many people straighten their teeth, close teeth gaps, correct extensive overbite and create a generally better smile. However, after the braces are removed, teeth will more
Treating canker sores is an important aspect of dental care, with at least 20% of the population getting them at some point. Brought on by stress, certain foods, or seemingly more
Proper dental care is essential for healthy teeth and your child requires specific care at each stage of their lives. Pediatric Dental Group provides quality pediatric dentistry more
Nearly every young athlete experiences an injury at some point in his or her playing career. Although your child will eventually be good as new after a sprained ankle, dental more
You always want to be prepared in case of an emergency, especially when it comes to your children. At Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, Hawaii, their pediatric dentistry more
Since 1966, Pediatric Dental Group has provided trusted dental exams to the children of Honolulu, HI, ensuring they establish strong dental care habits from a fundamental age. All more
Throughout your life you've heard over and over about the importance of receiving dental exams two times every year. As a parent, it's now your job to pass this knowledge onto your more
If you are like most people, then you are aware that consuming sugary foods like candy and soda too often will wreak havoc on your teeth, especially if it is not followed up with more
Celiac disease is an autoimmune reaction caused by eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. The disease can cause inflammation in the small intestine, affecting the more
As a parent, you’ll face many questions about how to keep your kids healthy and happy. While you're building a trusted team of doctors, don’t forget the dentist! Many parents wonder more
Instilling good dental care habits in kids can be challenging. The Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu are experts in pediatric dentistry and can offer some tips to teach your more
When your child complains of a toothache, it can sometimes be hard to figure out exactly what the problem is. Younger children especially may have trouble explaining the type of more
Accidents happen, its part of human nature. Some of the worst pain a child can experience is when they have an accident that affects their teeth. Pediatric Dental Group of more
Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, HI, knows that getting your children to brush can be a tough job for any parent, no matter how old they may be. Your kids will eventually more
Your child’s health and well being are at the very top of your list of concerns, and pediatric dentistry is a crucial part of any solid healthcare plan for your children. more
Though a question as simple as "is chewing gum good or bad for teeth" should be met with a simple answer, that just isn't the case. The short answer to this question is this: more
Parents usually want the best for their children. Whether it’s the dental care that they receive, the school that they go to or the life experiences they have, there’s always a more
Most people know they should brush their teeth twice a day. But there are also a lot of things about dental care that aren’t as obvious, especially when it comes to your childrens' more
Oral hygiene, including regular teeth cleanings and dental exams, is important for adults and children of any age. If you’ve had any dental work done, chances are you’ve heard of more
Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, HI offers core services such as teeth cleanings, preventative care, restorations and orthodontics for children and families, but there are also more
Since opening for business in 1966, Pediatric Dental Group has been helping children in the Honolulu area maintain great oral health from an early age. Using a gentle, more
The dental team at Pediatric Dental Group understand that kids aren’t just tiny adults. They offer specialized care that takes the special needs of children into more
Attention, parents! Is it time for your child's first trip to the dentist? Since 1966, the dental-care professionals at Pediatric Dental Group have been helping children more
Pediatric Dental Group has been providing Honolulu and Lihue families with top-notch dental care for over 50 years. Known for their friendly staff, comfortable facilities more
Orthodontics deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the jaw and malpositioned teeth. Through the use of corrective devices and interceptive techniques, more
Many children struggle to keep their teeth clean. As adults, we need to teach our kids how to take proper care of their teeth and gums from an early age. The dental hygiene more
Even though most people acknowledge that they should floss, many people fail to make this necessary technique part of their dental hygiene routine. Dentistry specialists say that more
Bad breath is an embarrassing condition that affects dental patients of all ages. At Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, Hawaii, our professional dentist for kids can assist more
While your own teeth cleaning habits may be deeply ingrained at this point, those in their formative years have plenty of opportunities to start taking great care of their teeth at more
Pediatric Dental Group is the trusted pediatric dentistry center of Honolulu, HI that every parent can turn to and know they are getting the best dental care for their children. The more
If your children have never had to get a tooth filling, they may be feeling understandably apprehensive about the process. At Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu and Lihue, more
Tooth pain can be an indication of many things, but if it hasn't been caused by a recent injury, it has likely been building up for a while. While pain medications can only numb the more
Pediatric Dental Group, the dentistry center of Honolulu, HI, has been offering pediatric dentistry in the area for years and helping many people maintain healthy teeth. Aside from more
Cavities are an issue at any age, but the dentists at Pediatric Dental Group stress how important it is for children to learn proper dental hygiene habits early to prevent more
Pediatric Dental Group is proud to keep the smiles of Honolulu healthy and bright. Since 1966, they have been providing caring, high-quality pediatric dentistry services to kids of more
Choosing the right toothpaste can prove overwhelming, as there’s seemingly endless options available today. Twice-daily teeth cleaning is imperative to having a healthy mouth, and more
Anyone who has children knows how difficult it can be to get them to do basic things like eat their vegetables or make their bed in the morning. And reminding children to& more
Proper pediatric dental care seems pretty straightforward at first glance: take your children to the dentist regularly for their dental exams, make sure they learn to brush and more
It’s essential to start young with your dental hygiene, but not all kids favor going to the dentist. It can be a scary experience, which is why it’s important to find a dentist both more
While we brush our teeth every day, flossing is just as important for your dental hygiene. Though we're well aware of why brushing is a crucial part of dental care, information more
Since 1966, the pediatric dentists at Pediatric Dental Group have been helping children's mouths stay healthy. When it comes to dental hygiene, biannual visits are extremely more
Dental hygiene is built on eating proper foods and undergoing regular dental exams. Pediatric Dental Group in Lihue and Honolulu, HI, offers gentle dental care to even the more
Some kids find visiting a dentist to be a scary concept, so try making them less anxious before their next visit with these 10 fun facts about teeth, from our experienced team at& more
Have you heard of Pediatric Dental Group? For nearly 50 years, our pediatric dentistry center has kept children's smiles clean and healthy, making a household name for more
It goes without saying that being a new parent can be pretty scary. You’re entrusted with this little human and you have to figure out how to help him grow into a responsible adult. more
Did you know that eating a diet high in acidic foods, like oranges, lemons, tomatoes or pickles, can damage the enamel on your child’s teeth? The occasional glass of orange juice or more
A beautiful smile that shows off a set of gleaming white teeth is both attractive and an indicator of great oral health. As with many things, it’s best to ingrain good dental more
The Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu, HI loves to see your child's bright smile in the dentist's chair. Unfortunately, a visit to the dentist can be stressful for many more
According to the American Dental Association, a child’s first permanent molars start coming in at age 6. By the age of 13, 28 of 32, adult teeth should have erupted, with the more
Children who develop good dental hygiene habits early on are very likely to be among those who won’t have to worry about cavities. Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu specializes in more
Halloween is right around the corner. For children everywhere, it’s an exciting time full of fun costumes and sugary sweet treats. For parents, it can be a bit of a nightmare when more
The best way to ensure a life of good dental hygiene is to start early. According to dental professionals, as soon as you get your first tooth, you’re ready for dental care! The more
Cavities are a common occurrence among many adults and children. But the frustration of this dental problem can easily be avoided by following a few simple dental hygiene tips. The more
Even though the days of loosing teeth may be behind us, I'm sure all of us can recall that childhood experience. Changes in the mouth occur throughout your life, and one such change more
A root canal is a treatment that saves a badly-decaying tooth from infection and abscess. The procedure involves removing tooth pulp and nerves, cleaning it, and sealing it. If your more
Sometimes as a parent, it can be difficult to deny your children certain things. But, if your goal is to ensure your children stay healthy, it’s important to create some boundaries more
Pediatric Dental Group has been providing quality dental care and expert advice since 1966. Their dentistry practices are gentle, effective, and tailored especially for children. more
Children typically begin sucking their thumbs in the womb as a means of comfort and security. Though it’s a pretty harmless habit, thumb sucking can eventually cause problems during more
Teaching kids the importance of maintaining good oral health is one of the many vital life lessons they’ll need to learn early on. One of the most effective ways to turn activities more
Possessing a working knowledge of our teeth is always helpful in regards to dental care. Wisdom teeth are defined as the third and final set of permanent molars, and they more
Barely visible at first, arriving out of the blue, and disappearing as quickly as they come, many people may wonder if baby teeth are important at all. The answer is yes – baby more
The toothbrush as we know it today was not invented until 1938; and it wasn’t until the 1960s that electric toothbrushes hit the dentistry market in the US. Today, these are two more
Pacifiers have been a popular source of controversy among parents for years: some parents swear by them, while others would never allow their child to use one. And with the wide more
As you watch your infant child grow before your very sleepy eyes, you’ll want to prepare for all of your child’s firsts: first laugh, first word, first step. It’s hard to prepare more
Dental hygiene is not only important for the appearance of teeth, but also for specific health reasons, such as preventing tooth decay and bad breath. Nothing beats cleaning off more
Taking your child for their first visit to the dentist can be a stressful, anxiety-ridden experience, but it doesn’t have to be. On the contrary, setting a good example for your more
It’s never too early to begin proper dental habits. Visiting the pediatric dentist by your child’s first birthday will establish a strong dental hygiene foundation throughout more
About 50% of children will experience some kind of tooth or mouth injury as they're growing up, which is just one reason why it's important to bring him or her in for dental exams. more
Since 1966, Pediatric Dental Group of Honolulu, HI has been taking care of kids' pearly whites to ensure a healthy, bright smile. Their approach is gentle and effective, making more
Pediatric Dental Group has been dedicated to children's dental hygiene since 1966. Serving Lihue and Honolulu, the two offices provide teeth cleanings, exams, fluoride treatments, more
Since 1966 the Pediatric Dental Group has been providing compassionate dental care to the children of Honolulu. The dentists at Pediatric Dental Group believe that daily oral more
While dental care is important at every stage of life, the dental experts at Pediatric Dental Group in Honolulu know that it's especially crucial for young children, whose more
Since 1966, Pediatric Dental Group has provided dental care that children, and their parents, can rely on. Everything from the oral health, function, and aesthetics of a child' more
Since 1966, Pediatric Dental Group has provided nurturing and individualized dental care for infants, children and adolescents in Hawaii.  The dentists are highly more
Pediatric Dental Group knows the importance of your child’s dental care as part of their health and development. With the proper evaluation, dentists can predict the course for what more
Serving the children of Hawaii since 1966, the doctors at Pediatric Dental Group understand the importance of your child's dental health. But most importantly, they pride themselves more