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The Sprinkler Connection Inc.

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The Sprinkler Connection Inc., Lawn & Garden Sprinklers, Services, Pittsford, New York

The Sprinkler Connection has been keeping yards in Monroe County and surrounding New York areas green for over 30 years with customized lawn irrigation systems. From helping with the initial design process to maintaining lawn upkeep down the road, The Sprinkler Connection is your all-in-one team for lawn sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and winterization.

Each professional at The Sprinkler Connection is trained to approach each yard with unique designs carefully planned to match the property. This team of lawn irrigation experts is also proficient in providing regular upkeep to ensure sprinklers run smoothly all year long. The Sprinkler Connection is proud of their strong relationship with a number of the industry’s most reliable names, including Hunter, RainBird, Toro, Weathermatic, Buckner, Nelson, K-Rain, and Orbit.

Owner Stephanie is a Certified Irrigation Contractor and has a degree in plant nursery management; she uses her educational experience to provide an excellent experience for each and every customer. The Sprinkler Connection also specializes in preparing your sprinkler system for changes in the weather, including winterizing before the first freeze of the year and getting the system ready for the spring and summer months. In addition, personnel at The Sprinkler Connection are New York State certified backflow testers, and will be happy to certify the quality of your drinking water.

Whether you have a new outdoor project in mind that requires a custom lawn irrigation system or you would like to update your current sprinkler system, contact The Sprinkler Connection today for dependable design and service. To learn more about this Pittsford lawn sprinkler service, call them at (585) 398-3960 or visit them at their website.

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