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Centers for Foot & Ankle Care

Centers for Foot & Ankle Care

15030 Harrison Ave, Ste 1
Harrison, OH 45030
Centers for Foot & Ankle Care, Podiatrists, Health and Beauty, Harrison, Ohio

The caring and professional team at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care provide residents with a comfortable setting, state-of-the-art technology, and experienced doctors to help them manage all of their foot and ankle health needs. Centers for Foot & Ankle Care provides patients with specific care that they can’t find at their regular doctor’s office. From tendonitis to diabetic foot care, Centers for Foot & Ankle Care is capable of bringing you the relief and healing that you need.

From the moment that you walk through their doors, you will be greeted by a staff that truly cares about your well-being. An experienced podiatrist will work with you to find the root of your foot pain and create a personalized treatment plan designed to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. They offer several foot and ankle care services including:

  • Foot Surgery
  • Athletic Injury Treatment
  • Comprehensive Wound Care
  • Pediatric Foot & Ankle Care
  • Diabetic Shoes & Insoles

Every podiatrist at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care has completed extensive clinical experience and is board certified, so that you can feel secure knowing that you’re receiving the best possible care. Centers for Foot & Ankle Care can help with all of your foot and ankle care needs, so visit their website to find the location nearest you. 

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