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Hagestad Painting & Coatings Inc

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Hagestad Painting &Coatings is the top painting company in Kalispell, MT. Specializing in both residential and commercial work, the skilled painters have the equipment and experience to execute any paint job, no matter how big or small. From dustless sandblasting to performance coatings, the painting contractors at Hagestad Painting & Coatings guarantee you’ll be covered.

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:20:jfqsj0q56tn4n48k3vp4rnbc0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:Lake-Blaine-Residence-2.jpgSince 1952, Hagestad Painting & Coatings has proudly served the entire Kalispell, MT, community. Originally founded by Edward Hagestad but recently handed over to Kelson Ramey, this locally owned and operated painting company has spent the past 65 years building their reputation of being the most talented painters around. In fact, they're so confident in their craftsmanship, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as full warranties on painting and coatings.

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:20:jfqsj0q56tn4n48k3vp4rnbc0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:Lake-Blaine-Residence.jpgIf you browsed this painting company's work portfolio, you'd be blown away by the number of projects they've completed and the wide range of work they are capable of handling. These experienced painters have met the needs of homeowners and businesses alike, providing comprehensive painting services on residential, commercial, and even industrial properties. Whether you need faux painting, cabinet finishing, or a complete home makeover, Hagestad Painting & Coating is committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction on every job.

Schedule your consultation with the professional painters today by calling (406) 253-4976. Visit Hagestad Painting & Coatings online to view a complete list of products and services.

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