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SK Pest Elimination is the best exterminator in New Haven County. Specializing in bed bug extermination, this family-owned-and-operated company has the equipment and the experience to rid your home of any pest. If you have termites, carpenter ants, rodents, or other pests, call SK Pest Elimination for fast, reliable service.

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:20:jfqsj0q56tn4n48k3vp4rnbc0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:Bed_bug_removal.jpgWhen you have pest problems, you need an affordable solution that works. SK Pest Elimination's team of exterminators is proud to serve the Madison, CT, area, providing comprehensive pest control solutions to residential and commercial properties alike. With over 10 years of experience, SK Pest Elimination aims to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every job — no matter what type of vermin issue the property has. The owner of SK Pest Elimination is present on every job to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction.

From bed bug treatment and termite protection to rodent control, SK Pest Elimination exterminators have the skills and the methods to execute any pest control project. When you call the company, they'll schedule an appointment that's convenient for you. Upon arrival, they'll perform an inspection, identify any problems, and offer you a free quote. After the job is completed, your home will be free of insects, rodents, and other pests.

To discover why SK Pest Elimination is the most trusted pest control service in Madison, CT, contact the exterminators to ask for a free quote by calling (203) 627-2380. Visit them online to view a complete list of their services.

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