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Eaton Driving School is an invaluable resource for student drivers and experienced motorists alike. Located in Rochester, Eaton's staff of highly trained instructors is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide students with top-notch driver education courses. Whether you want your teenager to learn to drive correctly or you’re applying for an international driver's license, Eaton Driving School will keep you and your family safe out on the road.

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:20:jfqsj0q56tn4n48k3vp4rnbc0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:117686572copy-1499x1000.jpgFor over 30 years, Eaton Driving School has been offering high-quality driver education courses to the people of Rochester, NY. Featuring an innovative approach that puts the needs of the student before an agenda pre-determined by the instructor, their teachers will assess your current driving level, listen to your goals, and execute an efficient plan to help you improve your skills. Best of all, Eaton Driving School provides private driving lessons so you won't have to sit in a classroom or deal with other drivers of various skill levels.

Browse the course listings at Eaton Driving School and you'll find classes to help you pass your driver’s license test, reduce your insurance rates, and even earn an international driving permit. For driver education that is self-paced, affordable, and taught by the best instructors in Rochester, contact Eaton Driving School by calling (585) 227-4800. Visit their website for more information and don't forget to like them on Facebook for news updates and promotions.

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