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When it concerns residential, commercial, and industrial electrical repairs, Shaffer Electric is the Greater Sacramento area’s go-to source for quality repairs at affordable prices. Their services include everything from lighting wiring and motor controls to new construction, commercial electric installations, and maintenance. The highly skilled team is always equipped to work your specific job, no matter the size or scope. This bonded, licensed, and insured agency is always readily available to discuss your needs. 

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Residential Needs: Whether you’re building or remodeling, a full range of services is available from Shaffer Electric. They will complete everything, achieving the right look for your home’s individual needs, and cost-effective electrical modification is available as well. Regardless of the project, they make it a worry-free process, which includes everything from new sound systems to carbon monoxide alarm fixings. The team will ensure that you get the look you’re aiming for quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Needs: For all of your commercial electric needs, Shaffer Electric is available to modify your office, warehouse, or shop, with the ability to design or modify any electrical repairs in the building. They will light up your space, whether office or arena, for a fraction of the cost, including parking lots for added safety.

Industrial Needs: No matter what your operation is, installation, maintenance, and operation of all electrical repairs is taken care of with Shaffer Electric. Factory-sized systems are easy to manage with their professional and knowledgeable electric technicians. High-pressure sodium lighting is available, along with retrofits for energy reduction. Cable trays and rack mount installs are easily controlled with this top-notch team.

No matter the scope of the project, Shaffer Electric is available to help with all of your Greater Sacramento area electrical repairs, including panel upgrades and outdoor lighting. To fin out more information, visit them online, or call (916) 687-7555 for quality work at affordable prices.

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